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How to play Solitaire Online Game

Why do people play free solitaire Online? There are many reasons in fact that people like to play solitaire card games on others. Here are some reasons.

Solitaire free game are More Relaxing

The free solitaire game card even though they are social beings, there are times when we simply want to be alone and do something relaxing. For many people the answer to that need is playing some online solitaire games or some other solitaire games. It’s easy to pick up since you don’t need to explain the rules to others, there’s no distractions, arguments, or a requirement of a lot of time to set things up.

Solitaire game is a Solo Games Work at Your Own Pace
Solitaire game is turn based games, whether its cards or board games, you have to consider other players. You have to wait for your turn but also you can’t take up a lot of time either. In solo games like Free solitaire games, you can go at your own pace.

Solitaire Goal

  • The goal is move to all to the four foundations on the upper right
  • Solitaire game Turning and moving
  • Click the stock (on the upper left) to the turn over cards onto the waste pile.
  • Drag the Solitaire card to move the trash pile between seven tableau columns (located below), and you can double click on the card instead of pulling down four foundations). And the four foundation. You can also double click cards instead of dragging them to a foundations.
  • Free Solitaire game may move single cards or piles of cards within the tableau. You may only move cards of the waste pile, but you may onto and off the foundations.
  • Any time you expose a face -down card in a tableau column, that card is automatically turned face of you.

Solitaire Build Rules

The king needs to be standing by the same suit for the card Ace on the foundation.
On the tableau, the cards need to be stacked with color from high rak (king) to lower class (ace). Empty room.


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